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Christ Church Inverness is proud to be part of the Christ Central expression of the family of New Frontiers churches.

Christ Central is a localised group of New Frontiers churches covering the North of England and Scotland, overseen by Jeremy Simpkins, and a team of Godly men with him, ensuring that these churches are supported with apostolic oversight and support in their week to week running.

These churches are united not only in their belief that Christ Jesus is the Son of God, the importance of the Bible as the spoken Word of God and the power and leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives today, but also in these values:

BEING Friends enjoying God together

BUILDING Churches empowered by Word and Spirit

ADVANCING The Kingdom, transforming the world

REACHING Nations, making disciples

Christ Church Inverness is proud to be part of the Christ Central
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Our church here in Inverness are glad to have regular time with Jeremy and Ann Simpkins, as well as members of the other Scottish New Frontiers churches, as we believe that to realistically support each other in every day life and our walk with God, we need to really know each other personally.

We are excited and expectant in reaching new people in and around Inverness with the Gospel, by shining the light of Christ in our words and deeds, embodying the Word and Spirit.

We seek to make an impact in the lives of the people we meet, by coming alongside people, whether in evident need or not. We understand the importance of friendship and giving time, and the impact this can make, and endeavor to offer this to all who will take it.

And we believe that it is God's commission on us as a church to be a focal point from which God will send people out across the highlands and Islands of Scotland and beyond, preaching the Gospel and discipling people in their relationship with God. We know that members of our congregation will move on as arrows fired from Christ Church Inverness to new locations to spread this message and the news of Christ's love.

For these reasons we are thrilled to join together with the other Christ Central, New Frontiers churches, to support, encourage and be built up as a strong representation of God's church here in Scotland today.

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